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Abigail – Happy Birthday!

March 25, 2014

I am happy to write our blog post this week because today is one of our team member’s pets’ birthday. Abigail is a Pug/Pekinese mix that was adopted by Tracie, one of our Licensed Veterinary Technicians about 3 years ago. Abigail was brought in to our office to be euthanized because she was acting aggressive towards people in her home. Upon examination and diagnostics, Dr. Cannan found out she had Lyme disease. The original owners surrendered her to us to treat her and find a “good home” and thus, the Tracie – Abigail relationship was born and the rest is history! We are unsure of her exact age but because she is a lady, we have chosen to go with the lower number that we have estimated – eleven years old.

Sadly, Lyme disease can go undetected in many pets and can cause them to become aggressive because they are in pain. Lyme disease can cause joint and muscle pain, lethargy, and vomiting but most commonly they are diagnosed because their owners come in with the complaint that their pet has been limping. A simple blood test called a 4dx, which tests for heartworm, Lyme, anaplasmosis, and ehrlichiosis, can give us the results within minutes and should be done yearly as part of a regular check-up. We do often see patients’ blood tests come back positive for one of the three tick-borne illnesses (Lyme, anaplasmosis, or ehrlichiosis) without showing any signs or symptoms, which is why this simple blood test is vital to our pet’s health and well-being.

We started offering a package about a year ago, called “Wellness Star” that includes two well visit examinations, one heartworm/Lyme test, and a fecal test to check for intestinal parasites. It is $200 worth of services for a $100 package. That’s $100 in savings!

For a patient Abigail’s age, who is considered “senior”, exams twice a year are highly recommended for us to catch any issues before they worsen or start to cause her to become uncomfortable. Any patient who is seven years of age or older is considered to be a senior and should be seen twice a year or more if directed by the Doctor. Book an appointment with your vet here in Poughkeepsie & Dutchess County, N.Y.!
– Post by Michelle W.

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