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How to Save Money on Your Pet’s Care

August 15, 2014

Any pet owner would like to save some money here and there, but the trick is to do so without sacrificing your pet’s level of care and well-being. Read on below as your Poughkeepsie veterinarian offers five suggestions for cutting down costs while retaining quality care.

Preventative Medicine

Remember: preventative care is always cheaper and easier than treating a disease or illness once it’s taken hold! Always keep your pet on year-round preventative medicine to fight off fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, worms, and other pests. The price of the regular applications adds up to far less than treating an infection or infestation later.

Another great preventative tip is to schedule regular health check-ups with your vet. Most veterinarians recommend that your pet sees a professional at least twice a year.

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying or neutering your pet is one of the most simple, cheap, and helpful things you can do for your pet’s health throughout her lifetime. Pets that aren’t fixed are more likely to develop cancers and other illnesses, try to escape, fight, and soil in your house. Save yourself the hassle and cost of dealing with these problems—have your pet spayed or neutered early on.

Home Grooming

With the right tools and the proper knowledge, you can easily groom your pet at home. Unless your pet has specific grooming requirements that should only be done by a pro, you can save yourself a lot of money by brushing and bathing your pet in the comfort of your own home. Ask your vet what brushes, shampoos, and other products you’ll need before you get started.

Proper Portion Sizes

Overfeeding your pet doesn’t only lead to obesity, it wastes money because you’re dolling out more food than necessary, making you buy food again sooner. Keep your pet’s health—and your wallets’—in great shape by feeding proper portion sizes. Consult your pet food’s packaging or your veterinary professional for help.

Forgo the Novelties

While the occasional fancy pet parka or expensive pet perfume is fine as an indulgence, overdoing it will only result in you losing money. Face the facts—your pet doesn’t care whether or not she’s wearing the latest fashions.

Have more questions? Need to set up an appointment to get your pet the quality care she deserves? Call your Poughkeepsie vet’s office today.

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