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My Cat’s Coat is Dull – What Do I Do?

September 01, 2014

Is your cat’s coat of fur looking a bit lackluster recently? It could be more than a cosmetic issue! Here, a Dutchess County veterinarian tells you what to do.

Visit the Vet

Did you know that a dull or dry coat could be indicative of various medical issues? For this reason, it’s important to make an appointment with your vet as soon as you notice your cat’s poor coat quality. Infections, allergies, and a host of other maladies could be the root cause of your cat’s diminished appearance, so you’ll want to have your vet check it out. Once all medical concerns are ruled out, you and your vet can work together to find out other causes.

Help with Grooming

Although cats are typically great at grooming themselves, there are instances where they may need help. If a cat is old, has arthritis, suffered an injury, or is overweight, she may have trouble twisting and turning her body to groom all parts. Get a good-quality pet brush and help your cat out with grooming. It will remove any tangles, get rid of dirt and debris, and spread skin oils through the fur to keep in shiny and moisturized.

Don’t Over-Bathe

Many pet owners don’t realize that bathing their companion too often is actually a bad thing. Over-bathing can dry out your cat’s skin, leading to dry, cracked fur and a dull coat. Your cat will probably only need the very occasional bath, unless of course she gets into something sticky or smelly. When you do bathe your feline friend, make sure you’re using a cat-specific shampoo, available at pet supply shops and vet’s offices.

Consider Your Pet’s Diet

Don’t forget that what’s going in your cat is important for how she appears on the outside! Poor diet is one of the leading causes of diminished coat quality. Your cat’s skin and hair follicles need the proper balance of nutrients to stay healthy. If your cat’s current diet isn’t getting the job done, you’ll need to switch her to a new food. Ask your Dutchess County veterinarian for a recommendation on a good brand, as well as his or her advice on transitioning between diets smoothly.

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