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Airborne Pet Toxins

September 15, 2014

You may have taken steps to prevent against dangerous foods, toxic pest-control products, and other potential poisons around your home, but don’t forget about those that you can’t always see: airborne pet toxins. Here, a Poughkeepsie veterinarian tells you about some common ones and how to avoid their dangers.

What Are Some Common Airborne Toxins?

Cleaning solutions are some of the most common airborne toxins. Ammonia and bleach, in particular, are known for giving off noxious fumes. A pet that is casually wandering around during cleaning time can be subjected to these fumes, potentially resulting in severe health complications.

Insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers used on lawns and gardens are other common airborne toxins, because they too give off fumes. The chlorine in backyard pools or hot tubs can also be dangerous, as can burn piles and campfires giving off smoke. Faulty household equipment like grills and propane heaters can give off deadly carbon monoxide, so keep pets out of harm’s way.

What If My Pet Inhales Something Toxic?

If you suspect your pet has inhaled toxic fumes or you know he or she has spent time near a fume source, remove him from the dangerous area right away and transport him to a veterinary emergency room immediately. Quick veterinary action will be necessary if your pet has indeed inhaled something poisonous. Ask your veterinarian about emergency CPR and artificial respiration techniques—they just may save your pet’s life in the event of a disaster!

How Can I Prevent My Pet from Inhaling Something Dangerous?

Obviously, it’s much easier to prevent episodes of inhaled poisoning than to deal with them after a pet’s already showing symptoms. When cleaning, keep pets in another room and always store noxious chemicals safely. If you’re spraying fertilizer or insecticides outdoors, keep pets far away. Make sure household equipment is serviced regularly to ensure it’s not giving off carbon monoxide—this is essential not only for your pet’s health, but for every member of your family!

Don’t hesitate to ask your Poughkeepsie veterinarian about other common airborne pet toxins. Call the clinic today!

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