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The Benefits of Proper Dog Grooming

October 01, 2014

Dog grooming is about more than just aesthetics—there are actually several health benefits that come from regular grooming sessions with your pooch! Learn more below from your Dutchess County vet.

Controlling Allergies

Regular grooming can help control both your pet’s allergies and your own! Brushing and bathing will remove fleas, ticks, pollen, dirt, and other allergens from your dog’s coat, keeping the chance of your pooch’s allergies lower and lessening the amount of allergens that wind up in your home. For many people who deal with an allergic response to their own dog, proper grooming is an essential step in living comfortably.

Moisturize Fur

Brushing helps spread essential skin oils throughout your dog’s coat. These oils keep the coat moisturized and shiny, preventing dull or lackluster fur. Some dogs even benefit from a topical finishing spray—ask your vet for a recommendation.

Skin Health

Brushing also helps smooth out mats and tangles in the fur. Matted hair is very uncomfortable for your dog, because the mats can pull and stretch the skin underneath. This can be painful and has even been known to affect walking ability, depending on where the mat is found. Mats also allow dirt and grime to gather under them, causing irritation or even infection. Avoid all of this by brushing your dog’s coat regularly.

Topical Health Check

Make the most of grooming time by making it double as external check-up time. As you’re brushing or bathing your pooch, run your hands over the body. Do you feel lumps or bumps that don’t seem right? Do you notice any bruises, rashes, or lacerations under the fur? If you see anything that seems out of the ordinary, it’s time to call your vet for a professional opinion. Keep your Dutchess County vet’s phone number on hand at all times to call in just such an occasion.

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