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Reasons to Keep Your Cat Indoors

November 01, 2014

Have you recently decided to bring a new kitty into your life? If so, congratulations on your new furball! Cat owners are faced with quite a few decisions in the early days of pet parenthood. One choice which will greatly impact your kitty’s life is whether or not she is allowed outdoor access. We strongly recommend keeping your feline friend indoors. In this article, your veterinarian Dutchess County outlines some of the dangers Fluffy may face outdoors.


Cats who roam outdoors are much more likely to pick up fleas, ticks, and worms. Fluffy can then transmit these undesirable pests to other pets and even people in your household.

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When she’s safe and sound in your home, Fluffy may have to contend with a few roommates, but generally, household pets will either become buddies, develop a pecking order, or ignore one another. In the wild, Fluffy could be attacked by dogs or other cats, or even predators.


Outdoors, your feline friend may be exposed to pesticides, rodenticides, and other toxic substances. Antifreeze is particularly risky, because it offers the deadly combination of being both extremely toxic to kitties and extremely tasty.


Needless to say, the chances of your furball being hit by a car indoors are pretty close to zero. Outside, however, this is a major danger for kitties.


Kitties outside may be exposed to rain, hail, wind, and other weather elements. Not only would this be very uncomfortable to Kitty, she could get sick or even freeze. Cats also sometimes seek shelter from bad weather, and end up locked in utility sheds or garages.


It’s widely accepted that our feline friends first became domesticated when we realized how helpful they were at keeping our fields and barns clear of vermin. Fluffy may not have to work for her dinner anymore, but she still likes to make herself useful on occasion. In kitty terms, this translates into dead mice on your doorstep and a smug-looking feline who fully expects your gratitude.

Cats who live indoors are typically healthier and much less likely to get lost than outdoor kitties, they also live longer. While we understand that cats in more rural areas are somewhat less at risk than those in urban neighborhoods, we still advise keeping Fluffy safe and sound indoors. We also recommend giving Kitty a cat perch or tower with a window view, so she can safely watch what’s going on outdoors.

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