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Your Cat Deserves Top-Notch Dental Health

December 15, 2014

Your tabby cat Morty has some rather impressive choppers. You’ve seen Morty the ferocious hunter literally tear into his cat toys. Your feisty feline also has a touch of food aggression, making him nail your fingers when you feed him each morning. While Morty’s teeth seem indestructible, they’re susceptible to some dental problems that affect humans. You want Morty to avoid those painful ailments, so you’ve asked your veterinarian from Dutchess County to provide Morty with high-quality dental care.

Painful Periodontitis

Periodontitis also affects cats; in fact, it’s the most common feline dental disease. Periodontitis begins when plaque, a soft mixture of food, saliva, and bacteria, assaults Morty’s teeth and gums. When the plaque hardens into tartar, Morty’s tooth and root tissues really become irritated.

First, poor Morty will exhibit reddened gums, or gingivitis. Next, he’ll develop abscesses and infections around those compromised teeth. Morty might also suffer from bleeding, pain, tooth loss, and terrible breath. Since Morty’s gum tissues have been damaged, bacteria can enter his bloodstream, potentially affecting his heart and kidneys.

“Kitty Cavities” Problems

Unfortunately, Morty can fall victim to feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions, or FORLs. This clinical term refers to cavities on teeth sides near the gum lines. Once these “kitty cavities” erode a tooth, the tooth can break or expose its pulp to infection. FORLs can also lead to severe gum inflammation.

Feline Dental Exams

Good thing your vet can diagnose and treat these nasty dental problems. For starters, your vet will inspect Morty’s teeth during regular checkups. If Morty has difficulty eating, begins to drool, or develops knock-you-over breath, schedule a dental care appointment immediately.

Cleaning and Polishing

If Morty’s teeth exhibit tartar buildup or gingivitis, the vet will promptly schedule a thorough dental cleaning. While Morty snoozes under anesthesia, the vet will carefully scrub your cat’s tooth surfaces, even beneath the gum lines. The vet will also polish Morty’s teeth, discouraging new plaque from sticking to his now-spotless choppers.

Home Dental Care

Fortunately, you can help Morty prevent future dental problems. Before you begin brushing Morty’s outside tooth surfaces, ask your vet for pointers on completing the routine while keeping your fingers safe. Following your vet’s tips, brush Morty’s teeth daily with a scrumptious flavored cat toothpaste. Avoid human toothpaste, as Morty might suffer mouth irritation and stomach upset. Even though brushing Morty’s teeth takes time, you’re fending off plaque buildup that can lead to further dental problems.

With good professional and home dental care, Morty will likely experiences less mouth discomfort; and his breath should greatly improve. Your Dutchess County vet will be pleased that you’ve taken the time to help Morty achieve the good dental health he deserves.

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