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Improve Your Workplace with a Canine Coworker

January 15, 2015

Your terrier mix Chaz has become your favorite companion. Chaz often joins you for daily neighborhood walks, and he’s always eager to hop in the car with you. You suspect that Chaz would like to accompany you to work; however, that hasn’t been possible – perhaps until now. You’re working for a new company with a dog-friendly CEO; and his dog has visited the office several times. Before you pack Chaz off to work, though, ask your veterinarian from Dutchess County if Chaz’ temperament makes him a good workmate. Keep Chaz current on his shots; and pack food, water, and a nice bed for Chaz’ comfort. Learn more about how dogs can create a more positive workplace.

Stress Reduction Expert

Chaz can help you banish stress like nobody’s business. You suspect that other dogs – and perhaps cats – have the same talent. During your typical workday, for example, juggling your job tasks certainly raises your stress level. When the phone keeps ringing, or your manager keeps changing your priorities, you get even more stressed out.

Good thing Chaz has established himself as your personal stress reliever. You find that giving your silly pooch a belly rub, or scratching Chaz’ ears for several minutes, can make any task more pleasant. In fact, a 2012 study revealed that employees’ on-the-job stress levels dropped when their dogs were right there with them. However, employees who left their dogs at home, or who didn’t have any pets, saw their stress levels increase.

Four-Legged Peacemaker

Chaz has an uncanny way of defusing an unpleasant situation, often without the other party’s knowledge. Perhaps you’ve experienced tension with a coworker, causing you to limit your interactions with her. When Chaz bounds into the room, though, your coworker immediately greets your super-friendly pooch. She scratches Chaz’ ears and plays with him, not realizing that Chaz has cleverly broken the ice between you two. With common ground, you find that relating to your coworker has become much easier.

Happier Extended Workdays

While working extra hours doesn’t excite you, Chaz might make you happier about spending more hours on the job. Actually, a 2008 survey of 50 large and small firms demonstrated surprising results. When pets were allowed to accompany employees to work, those workers were more agreeable about putting in extra hours. The pet-toting workers were also less likely to miss a day of work.

Before you tell Chaz about his new job, get your company owner or manager on board with your plan. Also, make sure your coworkers don’t suffer from pet allergies. When Chaz next visits his Dutchess County vet, you can relate some good stories about your impressive canine coworker.

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