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Your Dog’s Grooming Appointment: Secrets Revealed

February 15, 2015

Your newly adopted cocker spaniel Rosie is beside herself with excitement. Tomorrow morning, this diamond-in-the-rough canine charmer will enjoy her first grooming appointment. Although you’ve brushed your dog daily for several days, her coat will really shine after some professional grooming services. You think your veterinarian Dutchess County will enjoy Rosie’s new look, too. Learn about your dog’s trip to the canine beauty salon.

Warm, Efficient Welcome

Rosie’s pampering experience begins when she enters the spotless grooming salon. She’ll remain there for several hours; and you’ll pick up your well-groomed pooch later that day.

Rosie receives a friendly greeting from the salon’s receptionist, who inquires about special grooming instructions. If your vet has prescribed a medicated shampoo, or wants your dog’s ears protected from water during her bath, speak up now. If you’d like Rosie groomed to her breed standard, make your wishes clear. Next, your canine client gets escorted to the work area, where she’ll relax before her pre-bath work.

Pre-Bath Beauty Rituals

First, Rosie’s groomer examines your dog’s coat condition. If the groomer sees only a few tangles and mats, Rosie will likely receive a standard pre-bath brushout. After all, the groomer doesn’t want the mats to morph into solid wet furry blobs.

However, maybe Rosie’s coat has tons of mats; and you didn’t want to cause your pooch pain by removing them. Since the groomer doesn’t want to hurt your dog, either, she’ll likely put away her dematting tools and give your canine companion a total shavedown. Afterward, your feisty girl will receive a gentle ear cleaning and a nail trim.

Nasty Anal Glands

Now it’s time for Rosie’s anal glands expression. While these two fluid-packed glands generally empty during defecation, occasionally the system doesn’t function correctly, resulting in fluid backup. To minimize potential medical problems, Rosie’s groomer empties the stinky-smelling glands (most likely in the tub).

Delightful Canine Spa

Finally, Rosie gets her wonderful warm bath. Your happy pooch will love her fragrant shampoo, delightful coat massage, and thorough rinse. The groomer will dry your dog with a hand-held or kennel dryer; and Rosie will receive a vigorous brushout and breed standard clip. She might even enjoy a spritz of cologne and a bandanna or hair bow.

When Rosie next sees your veterinarian Dutchess County, the vet will be pleased with your dog’s transformation. To schedule your own dog’s top-notch grooming experience, call for an appointment.

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