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Banish Your Cat’s Weight Problem

March 01, 2015

Your sassy orange tabby Taffy has been hitting the kibbles and treats a bit too hard. For several years, your cat balanced her food consumption and exercise, resulting in a nicely fit feline figure. However, she now prefers to lounge on the couch watching “Animal Planet” shows rather than playing with her cat toys. As a result, your cat’s weight has crept up, raising her risks for weight-related medical problems. To reign in Taffy’s weight gain, you’ve asked your vet Poughkeepsie to give your feline family member some expert nutritional counseling. Read more about cats’ weight challenges.

Chubby Cat Epidemic

Taffy’s weight problems are shared by thousands of pet cats across the country. In fact, roughly 40 to 50 percent of pampered felines are overweight. Some of these spoiled-rotten cats are obese, as they’ve eaten way too much food for their decreased exercise levels. Unfortunately, this extra weight puts the cats (including Taffy) at risk for osteoarthritis and soft-tissue injuries. She can also fall victim to overstressed muscles, joints, and ligaments.

Feline Carnivore Nutrition

Since Taffy’s a carnivore, she’d prefer to hunt birds and mice every day. Since that’s not possible, you might think that a commercially available cat food would provide good nutrition. However, most mass-manufactured cat foods won’t meet Taffy’s needs for quality protein. These foods often include plant proteins, which your meat-loving cat doesn’t metabolize as well as animal-sourced proteins.

Also, Taffy doesn’t synthesize enzymes that help her to metabolize excess carbohydrates. So, her body stores those extra carbs as ugly fat. Taffy’s cat treats compound the problem; as they’re packed with empty calories, flavor enhancers, and carbohydrates.

Essential Medical Examination

Before placing Taffy on a weight management program, your vet will give your cat a complete medical exam, including blood work and a urinalysis. The vet wants to rule out medical conditions and/or metabolic disorders that might keep Taffy from safely shedding those extra pounds.

Tailored Weight Loss Program

Taffy will get her very own weight management program, perhaps including a food that’s specially formulated for weight loss. Your vet Poughkeepsie might also strongly recommend a more structured feeding schedule for your hungry cat.

Just like humans, Taffy’s more apt to drop weight by engaging in regular exercise. Give her more daily playtime sessions, and buy her some interesting cat toys. If your cat needs a weight loss intervention, call your vet for an appointment.

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