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Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig

March 15, 2015

Did you know that March is Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig month? If you’ve been considering adding a pocket pet to your household, you might find that a Guinea pig is a perfect choice! In this article, your local veterinarian Dutchess County gives some tips on how to care for a rescued Guinea pig.


One aspect of Guinea pig nutrition which is very important is the fact that Guinea pigs need Vitamin C in their diets. They cannot manufacture Vitamin C, but can get very sick if they don’t get enough of it. You can feed your little one a commercial food for his basic menu, and supplement it with fruits, veggies, and treats. Always research a new food before giving it to your pet to be sure it is safe.


Getting a proper cage is critical to your furball’s health and happiness. Since your furry pal will spend most of his time in his cage, why not make it a Guinea pig luxury mansion? You’ll need a cage that is at least three square feet for one Guinea pig, but bigger is better. You can even get creative and add a second story with a safe ramp leading up to the penthouse!


Guinea pigs are very playful! Your pet will need plenty of toys to keep him amused. Like many other pocket pets, these little furballs love to chew! Wooden, wicker and straw toys, chew toys, puzzle toys, and tunnels are all lots of fun for these little cuties. You can also make homemade toys using cardboard, copy paper, toilet paper rolls, and fresh herbs.


If your Guinea pig is rescued, he may not have been properly socialized as a baby. He also may have come from a situation that is less than ideal, or even have a history of being neglected. Give the little guy plenty of time to get used to you and feel secure. He might really enjoy the company of a buddy of his own kind.

Guinea pigs are small, but little animals are just as worthy of being saved as larger ones. By adopting a rescued Guinea pig, you’re not only bringing a charming friend into your home, you’re saving a life!

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