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Fido’s Winter Wardrobe – Dressing Your Dog for Cold Weather

January 01, 2016

Does your canine pal have a wardrobe? Many dog owners like to dress their pets, and it’s hard to deny that our furry pals look adorable in little outfits. The craze for doggy clothes has spread so much that many top designers, such as Ralph Lauren, are now making clothes for our four-legged friends. There’s even a Dress Your Dog Day, which will be coming up on January 14, 2016. Whether you’re dressing your dog for fun, or just to keep him warm, you’ll want to read these great tips from your local veterinarian.

Things To Consider

Keep in mind that dogs with thick fur, such as huskies and Samoyeds, already have quite a bit of natural insulation. Because they have such thick coats already, these pups can actually overheat under additional layers. Dogs with thin fur, on the other hand, such as greyhounds, get chilled much more easily in cold weather. Small dogs will also benefit from the added protection of clothing, as will senior pups, weak or sick pooches, and those with arthritis.


Getting just the right size for your pooch can be tricky. You may want to text yourself Fido’s measurements, so you always have them on your phone. You’ll need to measure your pooch’s chest and neck, as well as the distance from his neck to tail. Clothing should never restrict your dog’s movement. Make sure that your canine pal’s clothes aren’t too tight around his chest and limbs.


Fido may actually need a few different outfits. Some materials offer better protection from wind, while others are better at keeping dogs nice and warm on cold days. Your pup’s raingear, on the other hand, would need to be made of a waterproof material. Remember to check the labels to verify that your pup’s clothing is machine washable.

DIY Clothes

Are you working with a tight budget? You can still make sure your furry friend is dressed warmly for winter without spending much. Search the children’s section at a thrift store, and repurpose a comfy sweater. You can also find tutorials online for making DIY doggy clothes out of old jeans and sweatshirts. Just be sure to follow the guidelines above for fit and material.

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