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General Health

Your Cat’s Diet Can Influence His Behavior

August 01, 2015

Your orange tabby Pumpkin doesn’t give much thought to his meals. Your four-year-old feline housemate just assumes you’ll fill his bowl with top-notch kibbles every day. This busy fellow realizes that a superior feline formula helps to keep his intestinal system running smoothly. He’s also happy that his quality blend gives him plenty of energy. That consistent “oomph” is essential for playing with cat toys and keeping your two teenaged cats under control. However, Pumpkin … Read More »

These Dog Breeds Really Suffer From Heat Stress

July 15, 2015

Your region’s warmer spring months have gotten you excited about wearing shorts and tee shirts this summer. However, your Labrador retriever Harley is concerned about avoiding heat stress during his neighborhood walks and exercise sessions. He’s also quite worried about his canine buddies who are especially prone to hot-weather distress. Fortunately, your veterinarian has provided valuable guidance on avoiding heat-related medical problems. Brachycephalic Breeds These poor pooches have relatively small skulls, short noses, and upper … Read More »

Cool Kitties – 5 Ways to Help Your Cat Beat Summertime Heat

July 01, 2015

Would you ever wear a fur coat in the middle of summer? Probably not! Our feline friends, however, don’t have much of a choice in the matter. Summertime can be very dangerous for cats, who can be at serious risk of heat stroke on sweltering days. Panting may help kitties cool off a little, but this isn’t very effective for them. Sweating doesn’t help much either, as cats only sweat through their paw pads. Here … Read More »

Your Dog Might Love These Challenging Sports

June 15, 2015

Your retriever mix Apollo is chomping at the bit for a new challenge. This clever four-year-old canine enjoys his dog park runs and neighborhood walks, but he’s clearly ready to launch his mind and body into something different. Fortunately, you’ve read about several increasingly popular canine sports your energetic pooch might enjoy. Before you sign Apollo up, however, your veterinarian will carefully evaluate his overall physical condition. Flying Disc Follies Apollo has been playing with … Read More »

How an Orthopedic Bed Can Help Your Senior Pet

April 15, 2015

Your ten-year-old golden retriever Molly is quite the pampered princess. This lucky girl has always enjoyed a top-notch diet, boxes full of toys, and several faux jewel collars. Even better, she has reclined on plush, monogrammed beds in her favorite colors. Now that your canine housemate’s getting older, though, you’ve begun to research ways to minimize stress on her body. Your veterinarian has provided suggestions on keeping your dog comfortable. Molly’s especially interested in orthopedic … Read More »

Banish Your Cat’s Weight Problem

March 01, 2015

Your sassy orange tabby Taffy has been hitting the kibbles and treats a bit too hard. For several years, your cat balanced her food consumption and exercise, resulting in a nicely fit feline figure. However, she now prefers to lounge on the couch watching “Animal Planet” shows rather than playing with her cat toys. As a result, your cat’s weight has crept up, raising her risks for weight-related medical problems. To reign in Taffy’s weight … Read More »

Pet Rodent Socialization Guidelines

February 01, 2015

You’re about to bring home your first pet rodent, although you haven’t decided beween a hamster or pet rat. After considerable research, you’ve identified the rodents’ respective habitats and behavioral quirks. When your new rodent visits your veterinarian from Poughkeepsie for a new patient exam, you’ll also ask for diet recommendations. Before the exam, though, request some tips on socializing your new rodent. Read more about socialization guidelines that might also prove useful. Plan Your … Read More »

Improve Your Workplace with a Canine Coworker

January 15, 2015

Your terrier mix Chaz has become your favorite companion. Chaz often joins you for daily neighborhood walks, and he’s always eager to hop in the car with you. You suspect that Chaz would like to accompany you to work; however, that hasn’t been possible – perhaps until now. You’re working for a new company with a dog-friendly CEO; and his dog has visited the office several times. Before you pack Chaz off to work, though, … Read More »

Your Cat Deserves Top-Notch Dental Health

December 15, 2014

Your tabby cat Morty has some rather impressive choppers. You’ve seen Morty the ferocious hunter literally tear into his cat toys. Your feisty feline also has a touch of food aggression, making him nail your fingers when you feed him each morning. While Morty’s teeth seem indestructible, they’re susceptible to some dental problems that affect humans. You want Morty to avoid those painful ailments, so you’ve asked your veterinarian from Dutchess County to provide Morty … Read More »

Reverse Your Dog’s Creeping Weight Gain

December 01, 2014

Your Labrador retriever Murphy has always been like a battery-operated dog who runs for hours. Since Murphy was a puppy, he has enjoyed tearing through the dog park and playing fetch until your hand was tired from throwing his ball. Since Murphy was an exercise hound, he always maintained a normal weight even while eating like a Sumo wrestler. Now that Murphy’s eight years old, though, he’s toned down the exercise. However, since Murphy still … Read More »

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