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Setting Up a Hamster Cage

Setting Up a Hamster Cage

April 01, 2015

Have you recently decided to adopt a little furball? Hamsters are very cute pocket pets, and are very popular as starter pets for children. They are quite tame, easy to care for, and super cute to watch. One of the most important things you can do to ensure your furball’s happiness is to make sure you are setting Hammie’s cage up properly. Below, your local veterinarian Poughkeepsie explains how to correctly set up a hamster … Read More »

Setting Up Your Gerbil’s Cage

November 15, 2014

Have you recently decided on gerbils as pets? Gerbils are very popular pocket pets, and are a great first pet for children. These little cuties tend to be very tame, and rarely bite. They also have the additional benefit of being very clean. In order to be happy and healthy, gerbils need a proper habitat. Read on as your veterinarian Poughkeepsie goes over some of the basics on setting up a gerbil cage. Cage Basics … Read More »

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