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Burt MorganBurt Morgan

Caring staff and helpful advice.

Annie LeeAnnie Lee

STILL MISSING. Please share. Contact (845) 891-1221 or 845-224-1075 (Red Hook NY Dutchess County last seen on Linden Farm)

Lauren MorraLauren Morra

Dr. Diana is amazing! She is a great, smart vet but also cares so much about the animals. I recommend all of my family and friends to her! She has taken very well care of my pitbull kharma since she was 8 weeks old. I would never go anywhere else!

Mike PapescaMike Papesca

This Vet hospital is GREAT They had been there for all our needs especially POPOM who had cancer. The Staff is tremendous M. Papesca

Linda Johnson KrasinskiLinda Johnson Krasinski

Thank you Dr. D and all the staff at DCAH. Your thoughtfulness and compassion during the loss of our beautiful Phebe means so much to us. We think you are all wonderful!

Frank MilioFrank Milio

Extremely knowledgeable and friendly people! Brought my pup for her first visit and she loved everyone there!

Joan Baumeister KowaleskiJoan Baumeister Kowaleski

I honestly don't know what I would've done without the entire staff here! You have always been there to help keep Tigger happy and healthy. Thank you for going above and beyond in helping Tigger feel better this past weekend. You took such great care of him as well as myself and my daughter. We truly are fortunate to have had you look after our family all these years and appreciate how wonderful the entire staff is and thank you from the bottom of our hearts�

Kimba ReynoldsKimba Reynolds

My first visit was today for my cat Poo Poo. Upon entering they had my cat's name on a bulletin board welcoming him. Nice and clean office. They were really nice to Poo Poo and Poo Poo especially liked Sarah which is amazing cause my cat is a little stand offish when making New friends. Dr. Belvedere was very nice to Poo Poo during the exam. He felt comfortable with her. I am currently waiting on test results and will use them in the future.

Sarah CurtisSarah Curtis

Please Read !!! Please Share!!!
Spread this !!! Thank you !!!

This is Angel...

Angel went missing about 4 months ago. She is about 4 years old,sweet girl and has never ventured out of the yard before. The 2nd day after not coming home we went through all the correct procedures of what you do when you are faced with this situation. we did as we were told from the "Dog Warrden" and took all the steps we were instructed to do. My family went to the SPCA called animal control went to all of the Vets in the area from Hyde Park to Pleasant Valley and all in between. We posted on websites of missing animals in the hudson valley. No luck. Around 4 months later we recieved a strage text saying with a picture saying that this might be our dog and to please contact animal control. I left work early and rushed to the police station. as you might imagine i was overwhelmed with emotion I could not even descibe. I sat and talked to Theresa ("Dog Warrden") for an hour and was at the office for a total of 3 hours. I found out that she had been living behind an abandoned house under a construction trailer when they found her. She was half the weight she was before she had left and come to find out she had 5 puppies! She had mated with our other dog before she went missing. Angel had been picked up September 11th. We didnt not recieve this text until September the 26th. Well Theresa proceeded to tell me that I could not have my dog back until I paid $471 for her catching the dog and now it was her property. $187 was just the kennel fee/bording fee alone because she had not notified me until almost 2 weeks after they found her. I was completly helpless. I dont have $471 laying around. I asked for any help or if I could make payments. I don't even have credit to get a loan or a line of credit. what do I do ? ...No answers. Basically if you want the dog you will come up with the money. I am more than grateful for her finding Angel but how can you now turn around and charge me this astronomical amount? There were vet bills aswell which I can understand but all of this extra money and charges added on were rediculous. Theresa charged $100 alone just for her picking the dog up! Me and my boyfriend went to the vet to look at her to make sure it was indeed her and also wanted to see the puppies. We were not aloud to touch them or go near them. They were all in a small cage and behind a glass window. There was only 4 in the cage and on the other side of the room they were in was thw 5th puppy by itself. Out of curiousity i asked why her 5th puppy was by itself? The dog was same size, age, color and breed of all the others. The nurse/secretary that had brought up back became very angry and slamed the door so we could not see the other puppy and became extremely rude. Told us we were not aloud to look at that puppy and that it was "a clients dog". Well Theresa told me that she gave away the puppy to "this lady's brother who owned the building behind the vacant house". So without my knowledge or consent she gave away one of my dogs ? How is that okay? I told them I wanted to take the puppies along with Angel because I have the father as well. I found them homes and the Vets office now tells me that it will cost about the same amount for each individual puppy! If I am unable to claim the puppies they will be put up for adoption at a fraction of the price or Theresa puts the puppies on Petfinder or Craigslist or Ebay or websites and sells them. This is completley insane to me,seems extremely shady. I was unaware of how this whole system works but now that I have experienced it first hand, I hope that no dog ever gets picked up by this woman. Theresa is not doing this for the love of animals or just do the genuinely right thing to reunite animals to their owners and familes. The last dog that went there, the girl behind the counter who had been so nasty "owns" now. She adopted her because her owner could not come up with the large amount that they were asking for. The woman still calls and begs the girl for her dog back. Its really sad. How can you basically out right steal someones dog? Its heartless. This is completly about money. I found out that if I could not get the money together and get her out of there that Angel would be uthenized with no questions asked. I did not know that losing your dog meant you were punished for it. On top of all these crazy fees and absured charges I now have 3 tickets that I have to appear in court for October 8th. This woman issued me tickets for me losing my dog. I cant even believe this is how the system works. I have not committed a crime. I lost my dog and she left with a collar with tags. Went through all of the correct steps, by the book to get her back and this is what comes of it. I am disgusted..

Veronica Rentas ArroyoVeronica Rentas Arroyo

they are really good jojo loves going.

Angela Urbano AielloAngela Urbano Aiello

Dr. Diana and Dr. Belvedere along with the entire staff of the Dutchess County Animal Hospital took care of our Ozzie for almost fourteen years. Last week we had to make the painful decision to let Ozzie go and everyone there was so caring and compassionate during his journey over the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for making sure that Ozzie's ashes made their way back home where he belongs along with his beautiful clay pawprint that we will cherish forever. And thank you all for caring about every one of our pets.

Kim MarKim Mar

Saturday May 18th (rain date Sunday May 19th) 11am-4pm
East Fishkill Community Center 890 Route 82 Hopewell Jct NY (NOT THE REC)

Lauren TereseLauren Terese

My husband and I want to send a special thank you. We love Dutchess county animal hospital!!! They are so good to our puppy Boomer!!! We can not thank you enough for giving us the comfort of knowing he is in such good hands at his check ups!!

Doralinda L. ZezzaDoralinda L. Zezza

I can’t thank them enough for how they handle are beloved Peanut �and his grieving family�

Maria LociceroMaria Locicero

I brought my dog Rocky here today for his first ever Vet visit since I adopted him. They were so kind and sweet to him! They made his first experience so amazing and comfortable. They were also super gentle and gave Rocky all their attention which I found very professional. It's so comforting knowing that I now have a vet who I trust 100% to bring my dog too. And they love animals just as much as I love animals. Thank you guys for being so kind to me as well! Rocky thanks you and will see you soon.

Shanaz DassShanaz Dass

Great care for our 3 baby kittens! Patient and gentle. Informed us of every step. Excellent vet!

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